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Pedorthics is a unique foot-health professional service specializing in prescription footwear, modifications and foot orthotics. As a Certified Pedorthist, Raymond works with physicians and other allied health professionals -- such as orthotists, prosthetists, physical therapists, athletic trainers and nurses -- to provide quality foot health care.

RAB’s Comfort & Active Shoes

Our company is about providing a particular service for Abilene and the surrounding area. We believe in comfort before fashion. One size does not fit all. We provide proper fitting shoes for your achy feet.

Improper weight distribution can give you more than just achy feet, but also achy knees, achy hips, and achy back. You can feel achy all over!

A short lesson on pronation: (with pictures)

Pronation: Internal rotation along the long axis of the foot (between the second and third metatarsal). A complex combination of abduction, eversion and dorsiflexion. It is acceptable to view pronation in weightbearing as a simple “rolling in” of the foot, at either the rearfoot or midfoot.

Supination: External rotation along the long axis of the foot (between the second and third metatarsal). A complex combination of adduction, inversion and plantarflexion. Supination may be regarded as a weightbearing “rolling out” of either the rearfoot or midfoot, or both.

A biomechanical default (excessive pronation or supination) can cause an imbalanced, abnormal gait, which can then lead to great discomfort not only in the feet, but also the knees, the hips, and even the lower back. By correcting the default by specially designed running shoes, runners can run stronger and longer with greater comfort and less chance of experiencing injury.

Our gait analysis involves digitally capturing your gait from behind as you walk/jog on our in-store treadmill. By watching your gait frame-by-frame our trained employees can determine what type of running shoe (neutral, stability, or motion control) is best for your unique biomechanical make-up.